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Maximize Your Results by Clearing Stress and Trauma

You’ve tried EVERYTHING and you’re still frustrated with your results

That’s because it takes a highly focused approach. We tend to think we can go from where we are to Olympic gold in a short time. But Olympians are made over years of consistent effort. Olympians are committed; mind, heart, body, and soul.

You don’t have to be an Olympian to obtain peace of mind, reach your 10x goals or be happy. You just need to know what works and apply consistent effort. And it's more than just working hard and showing up. Sometimes, what's in the way is what's in your head and what's in your heart.


I’m Dawn Norton

I’m a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) with a Functional Medicine background. (FMCHC) I’m also an EFT Coach.

I love Mind/Body health and how it makes the real difference in people.

I've practiced mind/body techniques for 35 years. A difficult childhood without my mother left me full of doubt and empty of self-worth. Her suicide when I was 19, ended all hope of a relationship and left me traumatized and depressed. A few years into marriage and motherhood, I struggled with a heart condition, systemic candida, chronic fatigue, mold exposure, and post-partum depression. But my faith and the gift of tenacity and an insatiable desire to learn led me to overcome each and every issue.

AT FMCA, I found the Functional Medicine approach and it included every personal course of study that helped me with my challenges!

My greatest professional desire is to partner with professionals of faith who have a loss of power, through maximizing mind and body.

We do that by clearing the mind and heart of stress and trauma, elevating lifestyle change, and deepening spiritual strength. This allows you to create clarity, confidence, and the ability to fully express yourself as you want and as God intended.


"I paid thousands of dollars in hypnotherapy and did not get the results I did with just a few sessions with Dawn....it wasn't until I was guided by a true professional with "inner knowing" that I was able to overcome some old issues. The important thing to know is that Dawn has an "instinct" that is very special and unique....it is VITAL that you work with someone who has this as they can guide you and move into the right direction. I highly recommend Dawn Norton. She is loving and has a huge heart. Her practice is rooted in love and desire to help others."

- Karen, Atlanta, Ga.

Empowered in Every Way

Maximize your mindset, Heal your heartset, Build your body, Soothe your soul.


Throw your heart into change and make it permanent


Mindset, Wellness, and EFT. Book your first free session.

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