The Tremendous Power of EFT

By Dawn Norton |

Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash Several years ago, when I was brand new to this strange EFT tapping thing, I had two amazing experiences with a friend in my community. I used the Movie Technique both times to bring total resolution to extremely difficult memories. I offered to teach her EFT because I knew she had experienced…

Box Breathing and Recognizing Stress

By Dawn Norton |

BOX BREATHING EXERCISE AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE Dealing with stress effectively begins with recognizing stress, managing it, and remaining or regaining calm, once a stressful situation is past. Some stress hits us totally out of the blue, but there are ways to notice when your stress level begins to elevate. AND there are…

My Fear of Scorpions

By Dawn Norton |

It is with so much satisfaction that I sit pondering the value of my Mindset Mastery education and Mentor Training. I’ve spent the last few hours looking over my  journal and forum entries. In one way, it’s disappointing that it took me so long to finish what I started, but in another way, it’s extremely gratifying to see…

EFT Hives

By Dawn Norton |

Today I had a new experience with EFT. It was through Facebook. I have a friend who is a young mother and she posted on Facebook today that she had broken out in hives. She knows I do EFT, but quite frankly I have no idea how much she knows about it, since I am…

Random thoughts of protection, living, and morning giggles

By Dawn Norton |

From a previous gratitude journal entry in 2013. Things I am thankful for: for safety, more than oncefor successful surgeriesfor lives well livedfor missionary letter dayfor friendly morning greetings I was GOING to write this post earlier, but my time is running me instead of the other way around. But after yesterday’s events, I really…

Protected: Gratitude Challenge PDFs

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The Law Of Vibration

By Dawn Norton |

The scientific definition of vibration according to the Encyclopedia Britannica is: Vibration, periodic back-and-forth motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium, commonly resulting when almost any physical system is displaced from its equilibrium condition and allowed to respond to the forces that tend to restore equilibrium. Put simply, vibration is motion. Back…

Of Anger, Grief, and Healing

By Dawn Norton |

I think I’m a pretty good listener most of the time. Like everyone, I have my moments where I’m more concerned about my position than really hearing someone else. Because of my own background, sometimes I am angered or enraged at events around me, usually because I am not heard. As a coach, I’m trained…

When EFT Doesn’t Work

By Dawn Norton |

Every once in awhile I run across someone who says they have diligently tried EFT and it just doesn’t work for him or her. I have only met two people in fifteen years that have found no benefit to EFT. One was a hurried appointment who I wanted to prove something to and he was…

Back in the EFT Saddle

By Dawn Norton |

I am SO EXCITED to be back at EFT and embracing it fully. I love all things coaching, but I adore the #eftcoach hat! I had a workshop day 2 weeks ago and helped 5 people overcome stuff they’d tried to all their lives. AND… The latest is a test anxiety course specifically for coaches…