EFT – My Magic Wand

I had an unexpected call last night from someone who needed help. They knew my experience with EFT and wanted me to help them overcome a challenge. I often used to say that I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave to help take pain and suffering from people. I am GRATEFUL BEYOND WORDS that for fifteen years, I’ve had a tool that does that.

I’ve helped people with countless physical ailments including pain, physical damage to various parts of the body, asthma, heart irregularities, constipation, someone choking (not the heimlich), general stress, and more. I’ve helped people with addictions ranging from smoking, chewing, pot, food, chocolate, sugar, soda, pornography, usually quite easily. What can EFT help?

It helps people completely eliminate emotions like grief, anger, test anxiety, depression, fear, hatred, personality conflicts, and the like. With EFT, I’ve now helped four people gain relief from PTSD symptoms.

It’s saved our family thousands of dollars in doctor and therapy bills. And I’ve gained so much satisfaction by seeing faces and lives change because of a simple technique that is easy to learn, easy to apply, and is the most effective natural treatment I have ever seen or used in over 30 years of study of natural methods.

I know intimately, beyond doubt, what stress and emotions do to the body. Everything you feel is recorded in every cell of your body (Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert). Stress really does take a toll on us. The mind and body are totally connected. I’ve never seen an easier way to relax, to sleep better, to feel more peaceful, than to spend 5 minutes or less, just tapping on acupressure points. You can often immediately see changes in a person’s face and body when they apply EFT.

The creator of EFT has a motto. “Try it on everything.” And I do. I wish others could really know how amazing EFT is. You don’t have to believe. You just have to try. There are very few things I hate. But I really hate to see people suffering and know that I can do something about it. That they can do something about it. That there is an almost magical way to let go of those feelings and continue to embrace the happiness in life. I’ve seen it over and over and over….hundreds of times now.

My weakness comes in thinking I can do anything. I know that is not really true. But I’ve seen so many impossible things become instantly possible, that it gives me over confidence. Nonetheless, the technique is so effective, I can hardly help thinking it. I have almost NEVER failed to see improvement. I can only think of one time. And 80-90% of the time, those I help see TOTAL resolution. It’s not me, it’s the technique. Where there is an emotional component to what ails us, improvement is seen consistently.

There are other healing techniques similar to EFT, but this is the one I know. This one is simple. This one anyone can learn. So, I just continue learning things to help my technique and application. If you’ve never heard of it, please feel free to ask. Not everything resolves in moments, or easily. But I’ve seen things that take years of therapy resolve in hours. I am not a therapist. I am simply an educator, coach, and practitioner of EFT. It works. Schedule a consultation and see what it can do for you.

If you’ve had a positive experience with EFT, please comment below.

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