My Fear of Scorpions

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It is with so much satisfaction that I sit pondering the value of my Mindset Mastery education and Mentor Training. I’ve spent the last few hours looking over my  journal and forum entries. In one way, it’s disappointing that it took me so long to finish what I started, but in another way, it’s extremely gratifying to see my continual significant growth from then until now. I’ve journeyed through words that describe my personal, family, and professional experiences and ponderings and it inspires me to make this a lifelong path that I keep walking. I’m right where I need to be to take greater strides toward the influence I want to be in the world.

I’ve had so many experiences from finding lost items, seeing my children implement the principles, to completely changing how I look at money and the amount that flows into our family. From the very smallest “inconsequential goals” to what has at times seemed impossible accomplishments, the greatest takeaway for me, has been gaining confidence in the Laws and trusting in God. 

Before studying Leslie’s materials I had hints from time to time from other materials I studied. But until I realized there is a way of thinking and a way of applying that thought in a systematic way, it was as if I wandered through my goals blindfolded. I could hear the voices encouraging me, but the direction kept changing as I stumbled through with my arms outstretched to dreams just beyond the grasp of my reach. The best part was, I could live in my goals with God’s approval, knowing that He wants for me what I want when I realize my purpose and work in partnership with Him.

I’ve obtained small goals like seeing a blue butterfly, helping my son find a lost textbook, having a friend call and encourage me. I’ve created income goals that shift an annual very small worried and anxious income to a monthly, weekly, and daily accomplishment teaching me that money is an object like any other object with great potential for good or evil. I can be happy with it and happy without it, but if it’s just another object, why not have it? I know it can be used to bless my family, friends, and strangers, and it has!

I love that I now understand the workings of my conscious and subconscious mind, and how they work for and against me. I love that I know how to change those thoughts around and use my emotions and my imagination to create something completely new, sometimes like no one else has ever thought. I love that not only can I take positive thought and action and create what I want, but I can also identify very negative thoughts and understand their effect on me and turn them around so I am no longer living from an unwanted program.

One of those unwanted programs was a rational, (to me) logical lifelong fear of scorpions. I’ve had dozens of negative close calls including family and friends all around me being stung, and surviving. But my reaction and response to scorpions was always severe. Until the day, I was stung at 2am on my way to bed. It was the worst pain and ended up being extremely traumatizing because of all the years of fear that I had built up previous to the encounter. In that instance, I used EFT and other natural remedies to soothe and reverse the experience, but it wasn’t until several years later, with a chance encounter with a scorpion and another sting a few days later, that I really got the world of thoughts around them and what it was doing to me internally. 

I was assisting at Genius Bootcamp, when I had a random discussion with Cari, Leslie’s executive assistant, about scorpions. I connected thought, emotion, and my physical body in our conversation as I shuddered just thinking about them. It shouldn’t have been, but was a huge surprise, when the very next morning, while getting dressed, I found a scorpion hanging on my clothes in the closet. Setting the comedic details aside, I eventually realized that I had absolutely created this experience with this scorpion the day before. I talked about it, thought about it, felt it in my heart and body, and there it was. Until I squashed it. 

I kept turning the experience over in my mind until a few days later, while walking to my house after feeding our chickens, I was stung by something. It was light enough that I didn’t even look down until I got in the house and could really feel that there was some pain and numbness. I knew it was a scorpion sting. I just knew it. I even went back outside to see if I could find it. After calmly treating the sting with natural remedies, I marveled. As I pondered and wondered at how much less impactful this sting was, I came to a conclusion. Why was this sting so much less traumatic than the first one several years earlier? Because, I had taken the fear of being stung and resolved it. 

When I realized the power of my thought to attract a scorpion into my life, I also realized how ridiculous the fear was. I resolved that I no longer needed the fear, and should I see another scorpion, it was just an insect that needed to be dealt with. As strange as it sounds, I was immensely grateful for the second sting, because it taught me that without the mountain of fear I previously had, that a sting was just an inconvenience with a little pain, and no lasting effects. 

It seems inconsequential at first glance, but I wonder how many other negative things I’ve brought into my experience because of fear based thoughts and programs. If I think I’m stupid, won’t I do stupid things? If I think no one likes me, aren’t the chances of doing things that people won’t like increased? If I think I was born to live and die without notice, won’t that also happen to a large degree?

The opposite is also true when lived within principles. If I love myself and embrace the intelligence I have and the possibility for genius, won’t I be more likely to express love and intelligence and brilliance toward others? If I love myself and shine that love outward to others, won’t other people love me and want to be around me? If I consciously choose to live a live of passion, purpose, and meaning (large or small), won’t everyone around me notice and be inspired to live with greater purpose themselves? Not everyone, of course, but many.

Even if I settled into a small, pleasant life of my own making, but I live the principles fully, how much greater is my influence on the people around me and ultimately the world? If every person knew how to take their thoughts captive, reverse the programs that are running them, identify and resolve negative emotions that ultimately come from those programs, envision something better, reach for the dreams of their hearts, large or small, and actually accomplish them…..what would be the impact?

I propose that it would inspire a rare faith in people, families, communities, and nations that would impact the world in ways never before imagined. I hope you’ll consider reading Hidden TreasuresThe Jackrabbit Factor, or Portal to Genius. (All free). Maybe you’ll consider going forward with one of Leslie’s introductory free programs. Ultimately, I hope you’ll take a leap of faith and learn the kind of rare faith available to you by enrolling in a Genius Bootcamp or taking Mindset Mastery. The impact will be lasting. What would you hope to be different in your life? It can be. Do the next right thing.

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